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  • March 5, 2018
  • pilcrow

Avoid the bottle neck effect

Managing a marketing campaign on multiple markets is extremely challenging. The ever growing number of markets means an ever growing list of collaborators involved in the production of your content and therefore a mail box which fills up faster than you can handle it and a phone which never stops ringing.

On the translation side of things, you might be experiencing this:

Content is created and sent to you

You send content to graphic designers for integration into your template(s)

You send content to translators 

Translated content is sent back to you 

 You forward it to your colleagues in each market for a final check

They send you their changes 

You forward the changes to the translators

They send you back the final versions

You forward the translations to the graphic designers

Graphic designers forward you their integration

You forward it to your colleagues

They find mistakes made by the graphic team who do not speak the local language


In an ideal world, your translators, graphic designers, international colleagues and content writers would all be sitting around your desk, but this is never the case.

Fortunately, cloud technology is making this a close reality thanks to virtual workspaces. The process is already there, you know who needs what and who does what. Your company probably already has a platform in place or your translation provider might be able to provide you with access to one, in any case there are many options online (we personally use Onehub, but others like Basecamp are also great).

Create a few folders, brief everyone on the process, dump your files and let everyone collaborate directly on the platform. No more forwarding questions, answers, content, corrections, etc. and you can keep an eye on the entire process. And here is the result:

You send the content

It is created and published

You concentrate on your next project