Who Are Pilcrow?

Did You Know: Before the modern convention of paragraph breaks,
the pilcrow ¶ was used to mark the beginning of a new idea or concept.

Our idea is that language services should be an essential part of your international and multichannel strategies, rather than an inconvenient burden on your workflow and resource management.

The concept behind Pilcrow is to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution which adapts to their own process, provides direct access to translation data and budgeting, understands their business and strategies and collaborate efficiently with your colleagues and partners at every level of the content production.


How We Work

By providing a bespoke process for each of our clients, Pilcrow can provide a specialised service.

How We Work

Nadia Haenel

Regional director France and co-founder

Nadia’s 17 years experience in translation services has made her a reference in Paris’ financial services.

Her knowledge of the financial services at every segment and department level was essential in building Pilcrow’s client focused process and strategy.

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William Hartley

Regional director UK and co-founder

Embracing new technologies and combining the expertise of specialised translators with writers, graphic designers and video editors has been William’s goal and the source of success behind Pilcrow’s ability to meet its clients’ requirements for accuracy and creativity, in translating and producing content in an ever growing number of media.

His innovative approach to language services and his understanding of the challenges faced by professionals in marketing and communication in the financial services enables Pilcrow to deliver a new and efficient solution to its clients.

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