A Bespoke Process

Your firm is special, it needs a unique set of services and a team dedicated to its requirements. Our bespoke translation services and our experienced translators are here for that.


Our bespoke translation services which answer the specific requirements of all your departments and overseas offices.

Whether you are in Marketing, procurement or part of the RFP team, your requirements in terms of turnaround time, style and expertise are different.

With this in mind, we assess each of your projects and assign them to the most qualified translators for the given subject-matter and language pair.

We also build a primary translation memory and a glossary. These will support our translators in understanding your preferences in style and it will be updated and added to as we work on further projects.

Quality Control

Following the delivery of your translations, we will keep on working to improve the quality of our services. Based on your modifications and feedback, your translation memory will always be kept up to date.

If your requirements change so will our services. We grow with you and around your strategy.

Collaborative Technology
Let’s work in the same workspace

Communication and marketing professionals spend more and more of their valuable time managing projects and forwarding information rather than moving forward with their goals.

Pilcrow Language Services is positioned to resolve this trend.

Our range of services, strategies, and tools, such as our project management and secure file sharing platforms, complemented with our expertise provide our clients with a new and efficient solution. Working with us will change the way you currently manage your projects.

Let’s collaborate efficiently, stop the endless forwarding of emails and speed up the translation process. If necessary, we will modify the process, strategy and teams to better meet your expectations.

A Growing Library:
We Manage Your Terminology

We ensure your brand and content is consistent in every language.

Pilcrow protects your brand by preventing translation mistakes and discrepancies in critical words and phrases, allowing every department to use the same vocabulary for all content types and ensures brand and content accuracy and consistency in every translation.

We do not translate words but the message behind those words, helping your brand speak to different culture’s.

Consistency Is Key.
Translation Memory

Websites, product documentation, marketing messaging, branding often contain similar, if not identical, carefully-crafted language and messages, recurring phrases and statements that can make up 40% or more of the text within your communications.

Pilcrow builds a translation memory for each of its clients to capture this repeated content for future reuse. Speeding up the translation process, improving consistency, and improving the quality of translations over time.

Our work does not end after delivery. Any amendments or corrections suggested by your team will be reviewed on our side and added to the TM and glossary for future reference.

Pilcrow’s Contributors
A Trusted Network Of Experts.

We know our writers, translators and language professionals.

Our relationship is based on an understanding of the sector and a passion for languages. We work with highly dedicated professionals who stay informed of industry changes and take regular training courses in the subjects they translate.


We are your secret asset.

The translation team that understands you. So, how can we help?

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