Legal & Certified Translation

Whether you require official certification, a notarial certificate, an affidavit or a legalised translation with an Apostille, Pilcrow has the expertise and experience to guarantee you a speedy, cost-effective and secure service.

A certified translation (also known as official translation) is the translation of an official document (such as birth and marriage certificates, contracts, patent documentation, etc.) that has been certified as accurate and is therefore authorized for submission to a wide range of
official bodies.

Sworn translation in the UK

Sworn translations go beyond the standard level of certification issued by Pilcrow and may be requested by some state international institutions and courts, especially during criminal proceedings. Sworn translations come with an additional charge, so it is important to know exactly whether or not you need the service.

Unlike other countries, there is technically no such thing as a “sworn translator” in the UK. A sworn translation requires the provision of an affidavit, where linguists themselves must go to a solicitor and swear an oath stating they are professionally qualified and that the translation is an accurate interpretation of the original.

Sworn translations for outside the UK

Many countries’ legal systems request sworn translations by recognised translators. These translators go through the necessary training in order to obtain a right, from their jurisdiction, to certify that their work is an accurate translation of the original documents.

Our global network of experienced and highly qualified professional linguists naturally includes sworn translators. It is however important to ask your lawyer or legal adviser to confirm the certification required.

Relax, we will take care of everything

Getting a translated document legalised with an apostille can be a very time consuming process. At Pilcrow, we have experience in providing certified and notarised translations, and we know where mistakes can lead to set backs – so feel free to leave it to us.

All you need to do is send us the document, let us know the source and target language, the level of certification and we will get back to you with a quote.

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