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A marketer working in a technical industry such as finance, must present hard to grasp concepts in an appealing and engaging manner across multiple markets, cultures and languages.

The vast array of professionals involved in the content production, such as analysts, graphic designers, sales teams and of course translators make the management of multiple projects a challenge even for the most experienced professionals.

Communication and marketing professionals spend more and more of their valuable time managing projects and forwarding information rather than moving forward with their goals. More often than not, the content they are supplied with does not fit the purpose or requires further editing which results in delays and frustration.

Pilcrow is positioned to resolve this trend. Our range of services, strategies and tools, such as our project management and secure file sharing platforms, complemented with our expertise provide our clients with a new and efficient solution. Working with us will change the way you currently manage your projects. Let’s collaborate efficiently, end the countless forwarding of emails and speed up the translation process.

Our idea is that language services should be an essential part of your international and multi-channel strategies, rather than an inconvenient burden on your workflow and resource management.

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Accurate & Creative Translations

Translating is not about the words but the message.

Being accurate in the terminology is obviously key when covering subjects such as your investment strategies, yet you spent time producing content which engages your audience and it is our duty to keep this appeal in the target languages.

Pilcrow does not simply select a translator for their experience in the financial services, but goes further by analysing their knowledge of certain subject matter. We then work around your preferences, strategies and goals to produce multilingual content which respects your firm’s identity and terminology.

Transcreation: The Translation Of Creative Content

Simply put, transcreation is the translation of creative content, it often involves copywriters who adapt your message in the target language, as the source content might not resonate across different markets and cultures.

Translation is perfectly fine for informative text, but when text is designed to trigger an action from the reader, as marketing text usually is, transcreation is simply a better fit.


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Who says marketing says visual content.

Be it graphs, infographics or videos, Pilcrow has you covered. We can work on a wide array of formats and any content we deliver is ready for publishing. Our graphic designers will take care of any post-translation editing and adaptations.

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