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Accurate and creative translations, for your international communications

Translation is our core expertise.

Adapting your content from one language into another requires a clear understanding of your target market, your strategy, the subject and industry, your company’s identity and more.

With this in mind, Pilcrow only works with native speakers of the target language, with over five years’ experience in their specialised sector and who have gone through a thorough selection process. Thanks to a detailed classification of our translators, which goes further than the industry level (e.g. finance, legal), by taking into account their expertise at a sector level, and partnerships with professional marketing and communication editors, Pilcrow is able to provide content which is accurate, respects the terminology and style specific to your company and which is necessary to engage your target market.

A Dedicated Team.

Each of our clients is assigned a project manager and a commercial contact.

Pilcrow’s project managers are responsible for selecting and testing teams of translators for each of our client’s sectors of activity, building and maintaining the translation memory and glossary, and determining the required assets to handle a particular project (e.g. graphic designers, translators, marketing editor). MEET OUR TEAM

Certified & Sworn Translation.

Pilcrow can provide translations which are recognised by local authorities, by sworn and certified translators across Europe.

The requirements do change from one country to the next, and often need to be stamped and signed by qualified professionals. While the process is often a little longer than with traditional translations, Pilcrow has the necessary partnerships to handle these projects swiftly. LEGAL SERVICES

On-site translation.

Some of your documentation has a level of confidentiality which is such that it cannot leave your premises.

Pilcrow can provide on-site translation services and arrange for our translators to work in your offices. HOW CAN WE HELP?

Graphic Design.

Working with graphic layouts can be a real challenge, especially when integrating a foreign translation back into your template.

Pilcrow can translate directly from InDesign documents and in-house graphic designers can make the necessary adjustments post-translation to ensure the delivery of content which is ready to be published.




Unlike translation, transcreation starts with a creative brief.

In order for a message to resonate, it is sometimes necessary to produce a brand new message to preserve “the spirit” and trigger the expected action from your new readers and audience. We will advise you on your campaign and creative assets, to ensure it resonates with your target market. CONTACT US WITH YOUR REQUIREMENTS

We are your secret asset.

The translation team that understands you. So, how can we help?

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